Thinking about what options you have for Mississippi River cruises?

A cruise on the Mississippi River can provide a refreshing, invigorating and unique look at the heart of the Midwest.


Mississippi River State Park

The picturesque Mississippi River State Park is located at 2677 Arkansas 44 just a few miles southeast of Marianna, Arkansas. It is in the St. Francis National Forest in eastern Arkansas. The park is bordered by the Mississippi River on the east. Plans were made for the park by efforts of the staff of Arkansas …

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Mississippi River Facts

The mighty Mississippi River, object of folklore, history and even endearing Broadway musicals has captured most American minds for centuries–and for good reason. In length it is fourth longest river in the world. An entire superpower is sustained through its navigable stretches as it flows effortlessly and easily through 10 states. “Ol’ Man River,” as …

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Things To Do On The Mississippi River

The Mississippi River stretches 2,320 miles between Minnesota’s Itasca State Park and the Gulf of Mexico. Along the way, it winds through America’s soul. Indeed, the history and culture of the United States are inextricably linked to this body of water. If you’re planning to see the Mississippi for yourself, realize that there are countless …

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History of Steamboats on the Mississippi River

Just how long have steamboats been on the Mississippi River? For twenty-five years in the last quarter of the eighteenth century, individual inventors including John Fitch and James Rumsey labored toward the use of steam power in water transport of goods and people. Until then, goods or cargo made its way down stream on the …

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