Map Of The Mississippi River

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Here we will provide you with maps of the Mississippi River. The river is so large that we felt it necessary to provide multiple maps of this diverse region.

Large Map Of The Mississippi River
Large Map Of The Mississippi River
Mississippi River Map
Map Of The Mississippi River

As you may well know the River is so large that it actually splits the Unites States in half.  Here is a map of the Mississippi River that illustrates that fact:

Map Of Mississippi River Showing East And West States
Map Of Mississippi River Showing How It Splits Country In Half

And since the River is so long, stretching from Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico, here are two maps. One map will show the Upper Mississippi River and the other the Lower Mississippi River:

Map Of The Upper Mississippi River
Map Of the Upper Mississippi River
Map Of the Lower Mississippi River
Map Of the Lower Mississippi River

The Mississippi RIver is such an important waterway for transporting goods and services, here is a map of the ports that are located in Louisiana:

Map Of Ports On The Lower Mississippi River
Map Of Ports Along The Mississippi River Located In Louisiana


These maps should provide you with a great perspective on this wonderful River. “Old Man River,” “Big Muddy,” “Fathers of Waters,” and the mighty Mississippi, all refer to the longest river in North America. Historians believe the name is based on Native American descriptions of the great waterway. No matter what name people use for it, there are a number of reasons the Mississippi River is one of the United States’ defining geographic features.  That is the reason we have provided so many maps here for you to enjoy.

The river neatly divides the country into east and west, and its place in history as the portal to the west, is exemplified by the dramatic Gateway Arch in St. Louis. More recently, critics and fans alike use terms like “East Coast” and “West Coast” to describe hip hop’s primary division. Further, individuals routinely think of the country as divided by the Mississippi, despite the fact that the waters have not been an impediment to travel for many years.

No less than ten states share at least one shore with the river and, more impressively, the Mississippi and its tributaries drain more than half of all U. S. states. It is the fourth longest river in the world. These dramatic features could not help but impact the country’s growth, and cement a place for it in the nation’s culture and mythology. The maps above show those tributaries and the vast length of the river.

The maps above show how the Mississippi follows begins in Minnesota, then continues almost directly south meeting the states of: Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi and finally slices through Louisiana, and emptying into the Gulf of Mexico. Six tributaries of the main river, the Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas, Ohio, Tennessee and Red Rivers further subdivide the country, and during its primary growth phase, the main river and tributaries provided means for the rapid movement of people and supplies.

While the Mississippi bisects the country, the state of Louisiana is divided by both the mighty river and the Atchafalaya River, an important fact given the larger river’s tendency to deviate towards the smaller. A permanent change in the Mississippi’s course would have innumerable consequences for the Delta area generally, and Louisiana specifically.

Native Americans, explorers, river boat captains, businessmen and writers all helped create the great river’s image. Two of the nation’s most storied authors, Mark Twain and William Faulkner, used the Mississippi in their works. In fact, for Twain, the it is all but a cornerstone for his writings. For authors, and the nation, the waterway was, and perhaps always shall be, a symbol of the country’s dynamic growth and accomplishment.

We hope you find these maps of the Mississippi River helpful.


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