Mississippi River Vacations

Julie Green


At more than 2,500 miles long, the Mississippi River is the longest and largest river in the country. Vacationers know that the river winds its way through multiple cities and states, offering numerous getaways. Whether you want to spend a weekend away from home with someone special, or you plan a family vacation, you’ll find a wide range of things to do around the Mississippi River.

Mississippi River Campgrounds

If you enjoy communing with nature and spending time outside, look for campgrounds on or near the Mississippi River. The Battle of Athens State Historic Site is perfect for history buffs. This historic site documents that famous Civil War battle, which occurred in 1861, and it also offers various basic campsites and some sites with electric. Mark Twain Lake also offers a number of camping opportunities, and most of the sites have amazing views of the water. If you find yourself in Missouri, try the Cuivre River State Park, which has hiking trails, biking trails, swimming and fishing all nearby.

Watch for Animals

The Mississippi River offers numerous opportunities for those interested in wildlife. You’ll find that many animals have habitats on or near the river. While you can always visit wildlife sanctuaries and other public spaces, you can see those animals in their native habitats. Bald eagles, owls and pelicans all have breeding areas near the river, and you can also see those majestic creatures soaring high in the air.

River Cruises

The best way to see the Mississippi River is with a river cruise. You have dozens of different choices when it comes to exploring the river by boat. You can rent your own boat, take part in a short tour that covers a small portion of the river or enjoy a longer cruise on the water. With a longer cruise, you can enjoy several days or a week on the water.

Casinos on the Water

Not all states offer legalized gambling, but many states along the Mississippi River have gambling opportunities. Several of these casinos sit right on the water, offering amazing views as you roll the dice, play the slots and hit the tables. The Casino Queen has both hotel rooms and RV spots available, while Harrah’s Casino and Hotel has dozens of different games and hundreds of rooms.

Other Activities

Explore the Mississippi River on your own time by planning a vacation that involves a number of different activities along the river. You’ll love horseback riding right along the water and touring the historic locks and dams. These locks and dams once helped riverboats transport goods back and forth across the country, providing those in different areas with access to foods, fabrics and hundreds of other products.

Great Museums

When traveling along the Mississippi River, don’t forget about the great museums. The Minnesota Marine Art Museum has three large art galleries, while the National Eagle Center will teach you everything you need to know about bald eagles. The National Mississippi River Museum is another great site to visit. This museum has both an indoor space and an outdoor space that teaches visitors about the history of the river, important moments that occurred on the water and famous events relating to the river.

The Mississippi River is more than just another body of water. This gorgeous body of water is home to thousands of different things to see and do, and you’ll find that many of those top activities are just a short walk from the river.


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