Overnight Cruise On The Mississippi River

Overnight cruises on the Mississippi river give you a chance to see much more than you would be able to see on any other kind of overnight trip in the United States. You basically get to take a trip through history when you hop on one of these river boats, and you can actually book one of these trips at almost any point during the year. The only time when these kinds of cruises are not available is during the last few weeks of the year. Anyone who decides to go on a riverboat trip down the Mississippi for a night will get everything they need when it comes to a fine dinner, entertainment, beautiful sights and a lesson in the cultural history surrounding the river. Let’s take a look at some of the finer aspects of this kind of vacation and what you will be able to see while on the river.

Mississippi RIver At Night

Nighttime On The Mississippi RIver

The View from the River

You will be able to see many different aspects of America’s past as you cruise down the river for even just one night. The Mississippi River goes through the soul of the country, and there are many historical sights that have significant value to the country when it comes to the Civil War and other important parts of American history. Whether you are passing under one of the four bridges near Memphis or you are entering the mouth of the river in Mississippi, there are definitely many different sights to take in while you are on the water. Some parts of the river have glaciers, while other parts of the rivers contain swampy areas. The type scenic view that you are going to have really depends on where you are going to be along the river.

Mississippi River Cruise At Night

Mississippi River Cruise At Night

What Activities are Available on the River Boats?

Jazz Musicians On A Boat Cruise

Jazz Cruise On The Mississippi River…

There are many different reasons as to why someone may want to hop on one of these river boats. If you are a fan of birds, then you may enjoy the eagle watching season that runs from January to April. There are also plenty of fishing trips that run during the summer months, and you can decide whether you want to bring your own pole or use a pole from one of the experts on board. Live bands on these river boats tend to play blues and jazz more than anything else, and they are always able to give you the feeling of being in the old south while you are enjoying your dinner.

Types of Mississippi River Boats

Paddlewheel River Boat On The Cruise

Paddlewheel River Boat…

There are a few different types of boats that are used for cruises down the Mississippi River, but the most popular option is definitely the paddlewheel river boat. This is the type of river boat that has the large wheel on the back of the boat that actually paddles everyone through the river. In addition to the large paddlewheel boats, you also have the option of hopping on a boat that looks like a smaller version of the kinds of cruise ships that you would see in the ocean. The type of boat you decide to ride really depends on whether or not you want the authentic Mississippi River experience.

Where to Hop on Board

The great thing about the Mississippi River is that there are ten different states that are connected to this legendary river. If you are going to take a ride down the Mississippi for the night, then you could get on board anywhere from Minnesota to Mississippi. One thing to remember here is that you can only gamble on riverboats found in certain states. However, there are so many other things to do on your overnight river boat cruise that you will not be bored for one single minute!