What to Expect From a Mississippi River Boat Cruise

Taking a cruise on the Mississippi River can provide a refreshing, invigorating and unique look at the heart of the Midwest. Mississippi River Boat cruises are available in a wide array of options that are capable of catering to people of unique preferences and tastes. From elite cruises with gourmet cuisine and chilled champagne to casual, family-friendly river cruises that are fun and educational, there is something for almost everyone to enjoy on the Mississippi River.

Is a River Boat Cruise Right for You?

Deciding if a river boat cruise is right for you can be accomplished by researching the different types of options available. Riverboat cruises can be extensive 7-day cruises, or they can simply last an afternoon or a weekend. The amount of money you want to spend, what sights you want to see, and what type of relaxation preferences you and your traveling companions have will all play a big role in helping you to determine if a cruise on the Mississippi River is right for you. Determining these things will also be helpful in selecting the right type of cruise if you do decide this is a style of vacation you find appealing.

Consider the Cruise Options

Considering the cruise options may be a bigger task than what you think. With multiple ways to enjoy the Mississippi River by cruise boat, you will have fun simply browsing over the numerous choices available. Check out some varying cruise options listed below for a glimpse at the diverse selections.

• One hour champagne cruises
• Nighttime fireworks cruises
• Jazz and blues cruises
• Dinner and music cruises
• 3 day, 4 day and 7 day luxury cruises with private cabins available
• New Year’s Eve cruises

Mississippi River Fireworks Boat Cruise
Fireworks On The Mississippi RIver

These are just a few options available for adults and families who want to explore the majestic Mississippi River by boat. The size and type of the vessel can vary from modern and sleek to a charming and historic steamboat. Riverboat cruise ships typically offer a very authentic glimpse into the legendary history of the Mississippi River, early 1900s lifestyle and classic early American riverboat design.

Explore Unique Sights and Take in a Relaxing Atmosphere

Many riverboat cruises on the Mississippi River are well known for their down-to-earth and friendly atmospheres. It is not uncommon for cruise guests to stroll around the deck, sipping a glass of wine and enjoying the exquisite scenery of the countryside. From Louisiana to Tennessee, Missouri, Ohio, and Minnesota, there are numerous small town stops and exciting river boat ports to visit.

Taking a three day or a seven day cruise often leaves people with the option to dock at locations such as Baton Rouge, Cape Girardeau, St. Louis and other popular sights. At these places, you can get out and explore the city, shop from local artisan shops and enjoy cuisine and culture authentic to the city you’re in.

Discover the Convenience of a Mississippi River Boat Cruise

The American Queen Riverboat
American Queen Riverboat

One of the best things about taking a cruise on the Mississippi River is you can choose a cruise that fits your budget and your best time to go on a cruise. If time and money plays a big role in the type of vacation you will take, considering an inexpensive weekend or 3 day Mississippi River cruise can provide you with the experience of a full vacation with a full vacation price tag.

If you plan on taking the entire family for a vacation and everyone wants to be around water, exploring the Mississippi River by means of a cruise can be an ideal way to please everyone without breaking your budget. Cruises leave from various ports in different states that the Mississippi River flows through and this can help by eliminating the need to pay for airline fees to get to a cruise departure destination. Many family-friendly cruise packages are available and several cruises offer customized entertainment options that cater specifically to families. Dinner and theater cruises are popular for many parents traveling with children, and educational cruise packages are available as well.

Mississippi River In The Fall Near Memphis Tennessee
Memphis In The Fall On The Mississippi River

In addition to prices being varied enough to fit even the most limited budgets, another thing that you may consider when deciding if a riverboat cruise is right for you is the time of year you want to travel. If you enjoy traveling in the spring or summer, riverboat cruises depart on nearly a daily basis during the warmer months of the year. Fall cruises are also ideal for people who want to explore the river shorelines of Louisiana, Tennessee and Southern Missouri as a myriad of gold, green and orange erupt from trees and bluffs along the river bank.